7Rounds Marathi Matrimony : Help and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
* How to fill the online registration form of 7Rounds Marathi Matrimony?
Registration is totally FREE. Click on the 'Registration' button visible on www.7rounds.in. Fill out the mandatory (marked * symbol) fields and click on the 'Submit' button. We shall send your login id and password to your email id, and you will become a registered member of 7Rounds Marathi Matrimony.

* How much money do I have to pay to register on 7Rounds Marathi Matrimony for membership?
Registration is totally FREE. A nominal fee is charged for viewing the contact details of other members.

* When does the registration get activated?
As soon as we get the details that you entered in the registration form, your profile gets activated. This entire process takes 5 minutes, on an average to complete.

* What is 7Rounds Marathi Matrimony's paid membership?
Registeration is totally FREE. There are no charges for 7Rounds Marathi Matrimony's membership, however to view contact details of other members you need to pay a nominal service charge.

* What are the benefits of registering on 7Rounds Matrimony?
You can view profiles of all members registered on the website. Paid members can view contact details of other members. You can add information about yourself and your family for FREE.

* I cannot remember my password for logging into www.7rounds.in. What to do?
Click on the 'Forgot Password' link on www.7rounds.in. Enter your registered email address. A link to change your password will be sent to your registered email address

* Profiles suggested by 7Rounds Marathi Matrimony do not match my expectations. What do i do?
Click on the 'Set Expectations' button and fill in the expectations form. Profiles are recommended to you on the basis of the values entered by you in the 'Set Expectations' form.

* Can I create multiple profiles on 7Rounds.in?
Multiple or duplicate profiles for the same person are not allowed. Only 1 email adress can be assigned to 1 profile.

* What is Send Interest?
Initiating communication with members of 7Rounds.in is FREE. You can express interest in members' profiles by clicking on the 'Send Interest' button. These members will receive an Interest from you on their 7Rounds profile and will additionally receive an email notification as well. These members can choose to respond to your Interest by accepting or declining it after viewing your profile.

* How will I know if a member has accepted or declined my interest?
You will be notified via e-mail when a member accepts or declines your interest. You can also login to your account and select the 'Interests Sent' option to know if a member has accepted or declined your interest.

* How do I contact a member who has accepted my interest?
You can contact a member who has accepted your interest by upgrading your membership to a paid Membership.

* What is the use of 'Photo request' feature and how does it work?
If a member has not uploaded any photos to his/her profile, this feature will help you to request the member to add photos to their profile.

* Can 7Rounds.in support team help me to contact a suitable member, on my behalf?
We always give our best to help our members to find a suitable match but we have certain limitations that do not allow us to get directly involve in contacting one member on behalf of another member.

* Can a paid member obtain contact details of other Members directly?
Paid members can see a profile's contact details by clicking on the 'View contact details' button.

* I did not receive any response for my profile. Why?
- Check whether your email address is correctly typed
- Check if the emails are being forwarded to your junk/spam folder
- Enter your expectations correctly
- Profiles with photos get a better response, so upload your photos to your profile

* What is Profile Id Search?
This tool enables you to search a member on the basis of his/her profile ID.

* What is name search?
This option enables a member to search a profile on the basis of his/her name.

* What is Basic Search?
This tool enables you to search a member on the basis of his/her birth year, height and caste.

* What is Advanced search?
This tool enables you to search a member on the basis of 21 parameters such as age, height, caste, marital status, diet, etc.

* Why should I upload my photos?
Profile with photos get higher response.

* Is it safe to add my photos on my profile?
Yes indeed, it is safe to upload your photos to your profile. We do not allow any download button for users to download your photos.

How many photos can I add?
Upto 5 photos can be uploaded to your profile.

* Are there any DO's & Don'ts that I need to take care of while uploading my photos?
The image file should not exceed 2MBs in size and should be in jpg, gif or png format. The photos should follow social standards. We can remove any photos that violate decency.

* What are the benefits of a FREE Membership?
Registration on 7Rounds Marathi Matrmimony is FREE. Some of the benefits you get as a free Member are as follows:
- Add upto 5 photos to your profile
- Set your expectations to get the perfect matches
- Receive daily matches on your email address
- Search for profiles using upto 21 parameters like age, caste, diet, marital status, income, height, etc
- Get a system generated list of matching and recommended profiles
- Send interests to members you like
- Get notified and then accept or decline interests of members who showed interest in your profile
- Shortlist the profiles that you like for viewing/contacting them later

* What are the primary benefits of becoming a paid member?
- All the benefits of FREE membership and ...
- Paid members can contact matching profiles by calling them or sending an SMS.
- Becoming a paid member accelerates your partner searching process. Our analysis say that finding a partner is 9 times more likely if you upgrade to a paid membership

* How long will it take to upgrade my FREE membership to paid membership?
Profile will be upgraded in maximum 1 minute if you initiate online payment. In case of bank transfer or cash payment, it would take upto maximum 2 hours.

* Is online payment secure?
Yes! Our payment gateway - CCAVENUE adopts the SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology, an internationally proven and widely accepted technology.

If you still cannot find the information that you are looking for, please contact us in any of the following ways:
Mail us on support@7rounds.in and we will respond within 48 hours or call us on (+91) 8291886234

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